Music Makes Miracles Happen for Head Injury

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(Note from Adrienne: I’m writing this true story to inspire readers to believe that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Never, EVER let the naysayers derail you from your goal. You have more Power inside you than you can possibly imagine. 🙂 )

A Reiki student, who’d moved to Portugal, called me in a state of crisis.

“Please, Adrienne,” she said, “will you go to the Neuro Intensive Care Unit in Austin? My ex-husband was in a terrible car accident. He has been comatose for a month. The doctors aren’t giving us much hope. Will you please sing and play your Angel Harp for him?”

I squirmed in my chair to hear her request.

Austin Party Psychic, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Music Therapy, Austin, Texas, Radiant GratitudeMonths earlier, at the invitation of a Neuro ICU Nurse, I’d played my harp at another Austin, Texas, hospital. Amazing things happened – SUCH amazing things, that the staff couldn’t handle the healing proof. (For instance, a patient’s blood pressure monitor dropped 20 points within 12 minutes.) The harp music’s impact on comatose patients challenged the staff’s Western medical thinking. They didn’t want to question their beliefs or feel their feelings. Many were leaving the unit in tears. The harp was helping them release pent up emotion. My nurse contact sent me home and ignored my requests to come back.

Needless to say, I was scared to enter another hospital with my harp.

But if I’m to be REALLY honest in this post, my rejection by the Neuro ICU nurses wasn’t the core problem.

The core problem was a belief I’d developed at the age of 12. That ugly old voice was shouting in my head: “Remember junior high, when you flubbed your solo? The audience couldn’t hear your pitiful little voice without a microphone! You have a lot of nerve, claiming you can sing to help sick people!”

So that afternoon, I got on my knees and prayed. And prayed. And finally, I drove to the hospital.

The first rule of energy healing (as any ethical healer will tell you,) is that your ego must be dropped at the door. No healer can WILL a patient to become well. Healing happens only if the patient accepts healing on every level – Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.  The only thing that I, or any other healer, can do is hold a loving space, open to Higher Guidance… and let the energy flow.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to drop my ego. When I saw Mark in his emaciated, comatose state, I wanted to cry. The nurses had propped him up on a chair with pillows, but his chin had fallen to his chest. He was breathing with the help of a machine. 

In my previous experience at an ICU, I’d walked into the unit, expecting nothing. This time, I was expecting something. That expectation got in my way. When I struck the first chord on my harp, Mark’s eyelids didn’t flutter. His body didn’t twitch. Absolutely NOTHING happened on his monitors.

Doggedly, I improvised a tune. I kept singing his name over and over again. I don’t remember what music I played.  All I remember is feeling scared because my “pitiful little voice” was failing Mark. I couldn’t silence the nagging self-criticism or let the harp do its work through me.

Dejected and thoroughly disgusted with myself, I packed up my harp and went home. My 45-minute visit hadn’t helped Mark. Or so I thought.

Six weeks later, the phone rang. Imagine my surprise to hear Mark on the line. He was convalescing at home. The doctors said he would make a full recovery.

“I wanted to thank you for coming to the hospital,” he said. “I could hear you playing the harp. I could hear your voice, calling my name over and over again. I followed your song. It led me back home. Adrienne, your singing saved my life.”