Angels: How to Work with Your Personal Guardian

How do Angels show up in your life? If you’re not sure, invite them in. Ask for a sign to show you they’re nearby.

Angels aren’t just protectors for emergencies; they want to participate in your good times, too. They want to shower you with love and joy. No request is too small for an Angel.

For instance, I call on the Archangel Gabriel when I need clarity for writing books or doing my psychic work. Recently, Gabriel made her presence known in a way that made me laugh at myself.

For three years, I’ve been doing Tarot readings and healing work at a local rock shop (Nature’s Treasures.) Between clients, I’m usually wandering around the store, admiring the gorgeous crystals. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m more drawn to crystals than metal or dino doo-doo. (Yes, you can buy dinosaur scats at Nature’s Treasures.)

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But over the years, I’ve noticed that I’ve become more attracted to copper. Last week, when I wandered past its shelf, copper fairly SCREAMED at me to touch it. Today, I learned that copper is associated with Archangel Gabriel. (LOL!)

Yes, sometimes I’m clueless — even though I’m psychic. 

Angels live in a realm of perpetual joy, and they want to share that joy with you. They will help your life run smoother (if you let them.) For instance, my personal Guardian organizes an army of other Light Beings to help me find lost items, attract new business opportunities, initiate play with my cat, get busy relatives to respond to my text messages, etc.

But Angels aren’t allowed to interfere with your Free Will. If you choose to focus on negative thoughts that breed feelings of worry, sadness, guilt, fear, or shame, then you’re blocking angelic help. Angels can’t prevent you from choosing pain and suffering over happiness and peace.

The solution?  Be proactive! Use your Free Will to break the cycle of negative thinking. Make a new habit of focusing on the positive:  ask the angels to help you feel more peace, clarity, love, and joy.

Remember:  before the Angels can bring you blessings, you must ask for their help — and you must be willing to receive it.