Communicating with Nature. Inspirations and revelations from the plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms — and the angels who work with them.


Whispers of Autumn: Did You Hear the Trees Fall Asleep?

Yesterday, while taking a lunch break, Spirit whispered in my ear, "Go outside." Curious, I grabbed my lemonade and headed for the backyard. My porch is surrounded by trees -- including mulberries, which I dearly love for their shade. So I…
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Night Music: A Crafty Croaker Grants My Wish

Author's Note: Every "adventure" chronicled on this blog is a true experience from my life. Communicating with animals is a pleasure and an honor for me. I humbly realize that I have a great deal to learn about "the Nature of things," so I am…
Radiant Gratitude, Austin Party Psychic

Jealous Cat Tackles Wolf: A True Tale from My Writing Life

Ever see the door plaque, “My cat lets me live here”? I share my writing space with Krazy Kat. More accurately, my Tuxedo "mutt" deigns to let me meet my writing deadlines, while she listens to Mozart and dozes in the sunshine. Apparently…