Tarot Card Readings & Channeling

FAQs Answered by the Austin Party Psychic

What is your specialty as a Tarot Card reader?

During private parties and corporate events, I specialize in brief, accurate and uplifting readings.  I use the Osho Zen Deck of Tarot Cards.  My mission is to entertain and inspire your guests.

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Do you provide readings outside of Metro Austin?

Yes. I can work with any English-speaking client who possesses a telephone or who can Skype.  As for parties and events, I am willing to travel anywhere in the United States, provided that the client reimburses my travel and hotel expenses.  

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What do you offer at Private Parties and Corporate Events?

  • Brief, accurate Tarot Card readings (5-6 minutes) that uplift, entertain, and inspire your guests
  • Elegant bohemian/gypsy costume or “sparkle chic” (for more formal parties)
  • Decorations for the reading table 
  • Personalized readings for kids and teens under 18 years of age
  • Also available:  private consultations for adults (age 21 or older) 

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What questions get asked the most during Tarot Card readings?

1.  Romance / Love Relationships

2.  Job / Career / Finances

3.  Children / Extended Family

4.  Health / Well-Being

5.  Spiritual Path / Life Purpose 

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Are you an entertainer or are you really psychic?

Yes . . . and yes!

I began demonstrating clairaudient (“clear hearing”) and clairvoyant (“clear seeing”) abilities in 1997, shortly after my initiation as a Level I Practitioner of Usui Reiki (a form of hands-on healing). Although Reiki is not intended to bestow psychic abilities upon a practitioner, my attunements to the Reiki energy exponentially increased my intuition by opening my heart, body, and mind to channel Universal Life Force Energy (sometimes called “Chi”) for the purposes of health and well-being.

As I progressed through my Reiki training, earning my Master’s Certificate in both the Usui and Tibetan styles of healing, my abilities to “know” things about my clients and students became stronger. Eventually, through deep meditation, journaling, and prayer, I learned how to access my intuition at will, developing into a full-fledged clairaudient/clairvoyant. In fact, it was one of my Reiki students who suggested that my abilities as an intuitive had progressed to the point where I could act as a “psychic channel.”

With the encouragement of my clients and students, I began to serve as a conduit for individuals who wanted to recognize patterns that were holding them stuck in the past, or who wanted to understand their life path and where it was leading them. A speaker/trainer by vocation, and a singer/thespian by avocation, my jump into “performing” as a fortune teller at corporate parties and private events was a natural evolution for me.

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What events are good venues for Tarot Card readings?

Just about anything you can think of! Here are some ideas:

      • Corporate Trade Shows
      • Employee Appreciation Events
      • Wine Tastings
      • Spa Days
      • Girls’ Night Out
      • Slumber Parties
      • Bat Mitzvahs
      • Movie Screenings
      • Holiday Parties (Book early for Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day.)
      • Solstice and Equinox Celebrations
      • Birthday Parties
      • Street Festivals
      • Sorority Parties
      • Craft Shows
      • Wedding Anniversaries
      • Baby Showers
      • Trunk Shows
      • Book Signings
      • Graduation Parties / Project Graduation
      • Bachelorette Parties
      • Sporting Events
      • Gem and Mineral Shows
      • Mardi Gras
      • Brazilian Carnivale
      • Workshops and Conferences
      • Market Days
      • School Carnivals
      • Flea Markets
      • . . . Or suggest an idea!  

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At which companies have you provided Tarot Card readings for entertainment?

In addition to small, intimate parties in private homes, I’ve worked massive corporate parties at venues such as the Austin Convention Center, Palmer Auditorium, and the Austin Music Hall, where up to 1,000 people were in attendance.

Examples of Corporate Clientele:

        • University of Texas
        • Dell Computers
        • AT&T
        • Southwestern Bell
        • Samsung
        • Trilogy
        • The Office of Senator Gonzalo Barrientos
        • Home Away
        • The Woods Apartments
        • Philip Morris USA
        • Longhorn Village Retirement Community
        • Texas Cable Association
        • Lake Austin Spa
        • QualCom
        • Whole Foods
        • Webby Awards (SXSW)
        • Mutual Mobile

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How do you “read” a fortune with Tarot Cards at an event?

During public performances at parties, I use a deck of Tarot Cards. I ask the participant to concentrate on a question, shuffle and cut the deck then select a number of cards. Using my intuition and my clairaudient/clairvoyant abilities, I then interpret the messages on the selected cards in a manner that is relevant to your guest.

Private, face-to-face readings are conducted similarly, except that I may opt to work with additional tools, such as crystals, or personal objects of significance to the client, to “channel” additional information relevant to the client’s question. During telephone or internet readings, I use a combination of cards and channeling. I seek answers from Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and Nature Devas, when appropriate.

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What kind of fortune-telling services do you offer?

During party performances and private consultations, I offer readings through my preferred deck of cards, the Osho Zen Tarot. For private clients, I combine many methods including the cards, crystals, aura scans, and channeled guidance. Upon request, I can provide messages from Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and Loved Ones who have passed.

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Do you reveal bad news in your Tarot Card readings?

The ancient mystics used to believe that from any one point in time, a minimum of 3 futures is possible! This philosophy colors all of my party performances and private consultations. I do not believe in Fate or Destiny. Rather, I believe that every individual has the absolute power and ability to create his or her own outcomes by partnering with the Divine.

At the beginning of each reading, I explain this philosophy very clearly, which typically eases the party guest’s mind. My role, as an Intuitive, is then to help people understand where their path is leading them. I explain that the cards show an individual where he is headed ONLY if he does not change his mind or take a different course.

In this way, each reading becomes an opportunity for a client to determine whether or not action is required to create his heart’s desire. My purpose is to provide helpful insights that leave a client feeling empowered to create the future he wants.

As a result, my readings are uplifting, inspirational, motivational, and educational.

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How long is the average Tarot Card reading?

During parties and public events, I keep a reading between 5 and 6 minutes. At this speed, I can serve between 10-12 clients per hour. I work a minimum of 2 hours at a party.

For private consultations, the maximum time that I devote to a reading is 90 minutes. The minimum length of time for a private consultation is 30 minutes.

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How can we maximize the number of Tarot Card readings that you provide at our event?

a) Create a sign-up form with 8 minute intervals and leave it on the buffet table or on the door of the “fortune telling room.” That way, your guests can enjoy your party without waiting in long lines.

b) Help your guests understand what they can expect during the reading: that it is 5-6 minutes long, that it is designed to answer 1 question only, and that additional questions, or questions requiring lengthy answers, can be asked at a later date through private consultation.

c) Ask that your guests come to the “fortune teller” prepared with 1 question — a question which they believe can reasonably be answered in the space of five minutes.

d) For larger parties, I encourage you to hire additional fortune tellers. The maximum number of individual readings that I can perform in one hour, while providing 5-6 minute sessions, is 12.

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How should we set up for your performance at our event?

    • Provide a table and 2-3 chairs. Tables with narrow widths are best, so that the client is in arm’s reach of the cards at all times.
    • Drape the table with a fabric (like linen) that will not hinder the cards’ ability to “slide” across the table.
    • Position the table in an area that is a good compromise between “visible” and “private” for those guests who want confidential readings.
    • Please make sure that the table is moved as far as possible from the DJ, Band, or stereo speakers. Your guests want to be able to “hear” their fortunes being told.
    • Leave the sign-up form on the buffet table, the door of the “fortune teller room,” or some other highly visible area where you expect guests to congregate.

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Do you provide Tarot Card readings for teens and/or children?

I do not provide readings for children. My readings would be appropriate for emotionally mature individuals, who are at least 16 years of age. Teens tend to focus on questions related to school, love relationships, friends, and future careers. However, I do not limit the topics that can be explored by teens. I consider all questions confidential, and I do not discuss a teen’s reading with adults. 

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Do senior adults enjoy and benefit from Tarot Card readings?

Yes. I have successfully entertained at retirement facilities and retirement parties. I find that many senior adults have questions about their children and grandchildren. Others have questions about travel or starting a second career.

However, I do not place a limit on the types of questions that can be asked. In all cases, I consider the questions confidential, and I do not discuss the answers with others.

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Do you offer private Tarot Card readings to individuals?

Absolutely. I began my career as a “fortune teller” by providing private consultations to individuals who needed advice. I am trained as a Master Teacher of both the Usui and Tibetan styles of Reiki, and I am a certified facilitator and peer counselor of Attitudinal Healing. I bring these skills to private consultations, when appropriate.

Learn about my philosophy regarding Tarot Card readings.

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Do you offer private Tarot Card readings to couples?

Yes. Couples have a unique blend of vibrational energies that express themselves differently from each individual’s unique, personal energy. For that reason, readings for couples are complex, but full of love and fun. Couples tend to ask about marriage, child birth, child rearing, careers, health, family, and spiritual or karmic concerns. However, I do not limit a session to these topics.

Learn about my philosophy regarding Tarot Card readings.

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