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Samples from 5-Star Google Reviews

“Fun at my husband’s birthday party! Everyone really enjoyed their readings. It was also a great conversation starter for people that didn’t know each other.”

“I have used this service (four times now!) Her readings were a hit with guests, and everyone loved it! Always a must for a fun and unique party experience. Highly recommend! 

“At our (holiday) party, Adrienne predicted I’d be opening another (clinical) center. She couldn’t possibly have known. I didn’t tell anyone about my decision — not even my assistant!”

“Adrienne was fantastic! She did readings for 13 women. The readings were insanely accurate, and everyone left the party with a fun story to tell. I will absolutely use her again. Highly recommended!”

“Adrienne accomplished all that our group asked of her — and more. She was a true professional. Her tarot card readings were among the most popular activities of the evening; our members were delighted by the positive messages. I would recommend Adrienne.”

“We had so much fun at my sister’s bachelorette party, thanks to Adrienne! (She) was friendly, professional and easy to work with. I would, without hesitation, recommend her services.”

How long is a psychic Tarot reading?

During parties and public events, I keep a psychic reading between 5 and 6 minutes. At this speed, I can serve 10 clients per hour. I work a minimum of 2 hours at a party.

For private consultations, the maximum time that I devote to a psychic Tarot reading is 45 minutes. The minimum length of time for a private consultation is 15 minutes.

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What is your specialty as a psychic Tarot reader?

During party performances, I offer readings through my preferred deck of cards, the Osho Zen Tarot.

For private clients, I may combine several Tarot and Oracle decks. I may also use crystals, aura scans, and channeled guidance.

Upon request, I can provide messages from Angels, Ascended Masters, and benevolent Spirit Guides, who walk in the Light and have only the highest, purest intention to provide help to All Concerned.

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Are you available outside of Metro Austin?

Yes. For private consultations, I can work with any English-speaking client who possesses a telephone.

For parties and events, I am willing to travel anywhere in the United States, provided that the client reimburses my travel and/or hotel expenses in addition to paying my party fee.

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Do you reveal bad news in your psychic Tarot readings?

My purpose is to provide helpful insights that leave clients feeling empowered to face the future.

The Ancient Mystics believed that from any single point in time, at least 3 futures are possible! I do not believe in Fate or Destiny. Rather, I believe that every individual has the absolute power to create better outcomes by partnering with the Divine.

By approaching each consultation from this point of view, I offer truthful, accurate predictions that emphasize hope, personal empowerment, and positive steps to affect change.

Therefore, my psychic Tarot readings are uplifting, motivational, and educational.

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Meet our furry assistant. She helps befuddled Humans understand why pets do bizarre things (like flip their water bowls.)

Will you perform at events for teens and/or children?

My readings would be appropriate for adults and emotionally mature teens, who are at least 16 years of age. Teens tend to focus on questions related to school, love relationships, friends, and future careers.

However, I do not limit the topics that can be explored by teens. I consider all questions confidential, and I do not discuss a teen’s reading with adults.

I no longer perform psychic Tarot readings at events designed for children.

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Are you accepting new clients for private sessions?

Absolutely! At this time, I perform all private psychic readings by telephone. When I’m accessing Higher Guidance for clients, video conferencing is not comfortable for me. 

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Do you offer private psychic Tarot readings to couples?

Only for newlyweds, during their wedding reception. Newlyweds have a unique blend of vibrational energies that express differently than the energies that each partner brings to the reading.

Psychic Tarot readings for newlyweds are complex, but full of love and fun. Newlyweds tend to ask about marriage, child birth, child-rearing, careers, health, family, and spiritual or karmic concerns.

However, I do not limit a session to these topics. If you are planning your wedding, and you wish to receive a “couples reading” during your reception, click here.

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Can a senior adult benefit from psychic Tarot readings?

Absolutely! I have successfully entertained at retirement facilities and retirement parties. I find that many senior adults have questions about their children and grandchildren. Others have questions about travel or starting a second career.

However, I do not place a limit on the types of questions that can be asked during a psychic Tarot reading. In all cases, I consider the questions confidential.

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