Psychic Pets:

Amazing True Tales of Animals
and How They Help their Humans

Description of Talk:

If you don’t believe in psychic pets, get ready to be amazed!

    • A dog walked every day to a bus station for 10 years — to greet his deceased master.
    • People traveled thousands of miles to consult with a horse — which gave eerily accurate medical advice.
    • My own cat started flipping her water bowl (for no apparent reason) until I remembered that I’d spent the last two days, blogging about “water fairies!”

The bond with your animal goes deeper than you may believe. Psychic pets are real — and the “gift” isn’t limited to mammals!

In this humorous, heart-warming Keynote presentation:

    • Rediscover the love that you have for your animal
    • Understand your pet’s Higher Purpose for working with you, its Human.
    • Learn simple techniques for communicating with animals — techniques that are far more helpful to “psychic pets,” than food bribes and yelling!

Booking Details for “Psychic Pets:”

      • Length of Keynote Speech: 45 to 60 minutes
      • Available live or by video conference.
      • Adrienne is willing to travel if her expenses her reimbursed. She is located in Austin, Texas, USA. 
      • To learn more about Psychic Pets, contact Adrienne through the form, below.

National Motivational Speaker, Reiki Master, and Psychic!

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Adrienne doesn’t believe in coincidences or lucky breaks. She believes in creating her own, personal miracles.

From healing chronic illness to attracting financial windfalls, Adrienne’s track record speaks for itself! She’s one of those rare metaphysicians who thrives in a day job. (Shh! Her boss has no idea that he’s harboring a psychic!)

Through her insights, you’ll see the world as a magical place, rich with opportunities and laughter. She’ll show you that making your dreams come true is much easier than you think.

Like a ray of sunshine, Adrienne brings a special brand of positivity to your event. Get ready to be inspired!

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