Revelations passed on to me by the Angelic realms and high spiritual teachers.

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Finding Love in 5 Simple Steps: The Universal Law of Attraction

What's the secret to finding love? Consider the metaphysical perspective: The ever-present, wholly impartial, Universal Law of Attraction puts all of Creation at your command. You could call forth your Forever Love right now. In fact, your…
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Angel Guidance: A Simple but Profound Reminder

I am a firm believer in angel guidance. However, I used to think that angels could offer help only if I asked for it. (Spoiler alert: I was wrong!) I was blown away when an impromptu lunch developed into a completely unexpected Wake Up Call…

Decoding Angel Messages in Pop Music

When my Angels want me to pay attention to an important life lesson, they sing songs in my head. (Yes, this is what life's like as a clairaudient psychic!) If my Angels are advising me to focus on positive outcomes, they serenade me with a…

Angels: How to Work with Your Personal Guardian

How do Angels show up in your life? If you're not sure, invite them in. Ask for a sign to show you they're nearby. Angels aren't just protectors for emergencies; they want to participate in your good times, too. They want to shower you with…

Whispers of Autumn: Did You Hear the Trees Fall Asleep?

Yesterday, while taking a lunch break, Spirit whispered in my ear, "Go outside." Curious, I grabbed my lemonade and headed for the backyard. My porch is surrounded by trees -- including mulberries, which I dearly love for their shade. So I…
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Can Reiki Heal a Computer?

During a Reiki class, one of my students asked me -- half seriously -- if Universal Life Force Energy can heal a malfunctioning computer. Oh, ye of little faith. Here's the true story of how I "healed" my computer. I consider myself computer-challenged,…