Can Reiki Heal a Computer?

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During a Reiki class, one of my students asked me — half seriously — if Universal Life Force Energy can heal a malfunctioning computer.

Oh, ye of little faith. Here’s the true story of how I “healed” my computer.

I consider myself computer-challenged, but I do know that computers contain crystals. (Quartz is crystalline silica, the natural form of silicon.) This is good news for those of us who are clueless about technology, but who feel a connection with rocks.  

A couple of years ago, my computer kept crashing, so I took it to a repair shop — five times, I might add.

Each time I got the call to pick up “The Beast,” I would walk into the shop and see clear proof that the technicians had the machine running. But 20 minutes later, when I plugged the machine into my surge protector at home, the computer wouldn’t boot. It wouldn’t even flash or hum!

Austin Party Psychic, Radiant Gratitude, Tarot Readings

Did I check the wires? Yes. The surge protector? Yes. The circuit breaker box? Yes. Suffice it to say, everything else in my office turned on, EXCEPT the newly repaired computer.

At my wit’s end, I did what any self-respecting psychic would do: I contacted a Higher Power. (And no, I do not mean an electrician.)

In the book, To Hear The Angels Sing, author Dorothy Maclean writes that Source assigns Light Beings to work with man-made creations, like technology products. This was news to me. I always thought that angels were assigned to guide and protect LIVING things. (But who am I to question the Creator of the Universe?)

So I sat in my meditation room and stretched my consciousness to connect with the angel who works with my computer. 

Before you laugh uproariously, you should know that the angels answered me. And their advice worked.

During my meditation, I sent the mental SOS, “Angels, my computer won’t work. I’ve tried everything humanly possible to fix it. I can’t afford a new computer, and besides, the technicians say nothing is wrong with the one I own. Can you help?”

A voice whispered through my mind, “Clear the quartz.”

And I thought, “Actually. that makes sense. Quartz needs to be cleared after healing work, maybe it needs to be cleared after computer work.” (To tell the truth, I was willing to try anything.)

So I lit a bunch of candles, waved burning sage over all the furniture in my office, and sat in front of my computer. My intention was to use Reiki (Universal Life Energy) to clear any negative or disruptive energy from my machine. (BTW, after the machine’s initial failure to boot, I did nothing else to troubleshoot the problem. I didn’t even jiggle the wires.)

About 30 minutes later, I emerged from my meditation and pressed the power button.

Not only did “The Beast” go through its whole booting cycle, it never crashed again.