Night Music: A Crafty Croaker Grants My Wish

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Author’s Note: Every “adventure” chronicled on this blog is a true experience from my life. Communicating with animals is a pleasure and an honor for me. I humbly realize that I have a great deal to learn about “the Nature of things,” so I am grateful for the infinite patience — and good will — of every animal teacher, who has walked with me on my path. Namaste.

I wasn’t supposed to be in the park that night. The city’s curfew had passed.

But I was riding high after my successful, choral performance of Bach’s Magnificat (a tribute to Mother Mary.)  I wanted to commune with Spirit in a profound way. To me, that meant immersing myself in Nature. 

As I slipped into the garden, music swelled around me: cicadas, tree frogs, the bubbling fountains by the koi ponds. I breathed deeply and relaxed — until I heard a loud, testy HARRUMPH.

Startled, I froze in mid-step. 

“Bullfrog,” my spirit guides whispered.

I grinned.

As a city girl, I’ve never laid eyes on a real, live bullfrog. Eager to meet him, I followed his mighty harrumphs around the five connected koi ponds. But the stinker led me on a merry chase. Every time I thought I’d crept close enough to see him, a telltale splash would prove me wrong.

I started to pout. My inner child wanted to meet that bullfrog! So I sent a sincere request to the Nature devas. “Please,” I said. “I’d like to see the bullfrog. I don’t want to hurt him. I won’t even touch him. I just want to admire him.”

Austin Party Psychic, Tarot Readings, Animals, Pets, FrogsMany long minutes passed. The harrumphing grew silent. Disappointed, I assumed that my request had been denied — or more likely, that I hadn’t conveyed it clearly enough to have it granted. In any event, I figured I should drive home before my car got discovered in the parking lot.

But my feet had minds of their own. They started walking in the opposite direction, back toward the ponds. Guess who was sitting proudly on a boulder, illuminated by the full moon?

I sucked in my breath and edged closer. The bullfrog was absolutely HUGE: nearly twice the size of my fist. He sat calmly, waiting, as I approached. In fact, he let me get close enough to crouch beside him. I was only inches away!

For a long moment, we simply stared at each other. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t bolting for the safety of the lily pads.

And then, as if to say, “Your wish is my command,” the bullfrog winked and jumped into the pond.

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