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Predicting the Future: How A Psychic Sees Your Path

Many people believe in Fate.  As a professional psychic, I’m here to tell you, Fate is a lie. My clients are immensely relieved when I assure them that the Future isn’t written in stone. In fact, at this exact moment in time, you have…

Angels: How to Work with Your Personal Guardian

How do Angels show up in your life? If you're not sure, invite them in. Ask for a sign to show you they're nearby. Angels aren't just protectors for emergencies; they want to participate in your good times, too. They want to shower you with…
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Night Music: A Crafty Croaker Grants My Wish

Author's Note: Every "adventure" chronicled on this blog is a true experience from my life. Communicating with animals is a pleasure and an honor for me. I humbly realize that I have a great deal to learn about "the Nature of things," so I am…
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Can Reiki Heal a Computer?

During a Reiki class, one of my students asked me -- half seriously -- if Universal Life Force Energy can heal a malfunctioning computer. Oh, ye of little faith. Here's the true story of how I "healed" my computer. I consider myself computer-challenged,…
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Jealous Cat Tackles Wolf: A True Tale from My Writing Life

Ever see the door plaque, “My cat lets me live here”? I share my writing space with Krazy Kat. More accurately, my Tuxedo "mutt" deigns to let me meet my writing deadlines, while she listens to Mozart and dozes in the sunshine. Apparently…

Angels Helped Me Save a Child's Life

How can we sense danger before it occurs?  How do we attract total strangers who appear, out of the blue, when we need help?  Mystics say we’re all connected.  Quantum physicists agree.  When I set out to develop my Intuition, I…