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Looking for Psychic readings? If you have a party in metro Austin, we can help! We offer accurate Tarot readings, and we keep them upbeat! We’ve entertained at home parties, birthdays, bachelorettes, Halloween, New Year’s, Project Graduation, weddings, corporate events, and more! Our motto is “Fun and good fortunes to uplift your spirit.” Let us help you celebrate! Click here for booking information.

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Tested by the Universe? Choose Your Emotions Wisely!

Someone much wiser than I once said, “The Universe doesn’t always give you what you want; but it will provide what you need.” I was reminded of this axiom last week, when I was blindsided by an employer, who informed me (as I walked in…
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Inspirational Stories of Faith and Healing

Life happens. And when it seems out of control, I turn to inspirational, real stories to remind me that yes, even the greatest obstacle can be overcome. Recently, I started a new business. My business mentor is one of the most humble, kind-hearted,…
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The Sandwich Angel: A Reminder that We’re Always Protected

I used to think that angels could only offer help if I asked for it.  That's why I was blown away when an impromptu lunch developed into a Divine Wake Up Call, reminding me that even "ordinary" moments can be orchestrated by angels. Last…
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Romance & Dating: Find a Love for All Time

The entire Universe is at your command, ready to gift you with your Heart’s Desire:  True Love. A Life Mate. The companion who will share your hopes and dreams! In this world, opportunities abound! You could call forth your Lover RIGHT NOW,…
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Change Your Life with this 5 Minute Visualization

Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Can you spare 5 minutes? Because 5 minutes will change your life. During the holidays, many of us have too many responsibilities (and bills) to sneak off for a weekend getaway, much less for a two-week vacation.…
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Power of Intention: How We Reduced Crime, Healed Cancer

I often write about the power of personal intention. Today I’d like to inspire you with holiday stories about group Intention – when it is applied for the Higher Good. I belong to a spiritual organization that shares my belief – in fact,…
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Predicting the Future: How A Psychic Sees Your Path

Many people believe in Fate.  As a professional psychic, I’m here to tell you, Fate is a lie. My clients are immensely relieved when I assure them that the Future isn’t written in stone. In fact, at this exact moment in time, you have…
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Increase Your Happiness: Try This Simple Solution

Want to succeed? Be happy? Increase your confidence? If you answered a resounding, “YES!,” then I have the world’s simplest solution for you – a solution that’s backed by a Scientific Study. Step 1: Buy a notebook. Step 2: Each…
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Animal Totems for Spirit Guidance and Protection

Spirit messages often come in dreams and meditations. After a panda bear visited my sleep 2 times this week, I was inspired to write this feature about working with Animal Totems. Dreams and meditation aren’t the only venues in which Animal…

Journey Into Mystery: Connecting with Spirit on Halloween

Long before we became a civilized society, we lived in a world where Light was fleeting. While the common man cowered in his cottage, desperately hoping to fend off the coming Darkness, mystics reveled in the in-between times. Twilight, eclipses,…

Decoding Angel Messages in Pop Music

When my Angels want me to pay attention to an important life lesson, they sing songs in my head. (Yes, this is what life's like as a clairaudient psychic!) If my Angels are advising me to focus on positive outcomes, they serenade me with a…

Sales Success: How the Law of Attraction Doubled My Closing Ratio

If you're determined to become the Deliberate Creator of your life, this post will inspire your practice with the Universal Law of Attraction (LOA.) If you've never heard of LOA, then read on to learn how to create miracles. I've worked in…

Angels: How to Work with Your Personal Guardian

How do Angels show up in your life? If you're not sure, invite them in. Ask for a sign to show you they're nearby. Angels aren't just protectors for emergencies; they want to participate in your good times, too. They want to shower you with…
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Music Makes Miracles Happen for Head Injury

(Note from Adrienne: I’m writing this true story to inspire readers to believe that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Never, EVER let the naysayers derail you from your goal. You have more Power inside you than you can possibly…

Whispers of Autumn: Did You Hear the Trees Fall Asleep?

Yesterday, while taking a lunch break, Spirit whispered in my ear, "Go outside." Curious, I grabbed my lemonade and headed for the backyard. My porch is surrounded by trees -- including mulberries, which I dearly love for their shade. So I…
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Night Music: A Crafty Croaker Grants My Wish

Author's Note: Every "adventure" chronicled on this blog is a true experience from my life. Communicating with animals is a pleasure and an honor for me. I humbly realize that I have a great deal to learn about "the Nature of things," so I am…
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Can Reiki Heal a Computer?

During a Reiki class, one of my students asked me -- half seriously -- if Universal Life Force Energy can heal a malfunctioning computer. Oh, ye of little faith. Here's the true story of how I "healed" my computer. I consider myself computer-challenged,…
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Triumph on Reality TV Reminds Us That NOTHING Is Impossible

My life changed in profound ways when a Teacher said to me, “Your beliefs hold you back. You MUST understand that beliefs are nothing more than opinions -- other people's opinions -- that you've adopted over the years. Since you have the power…
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Angels Protected My Harp from a Drunk and His Beer

When I purchased my healing harp, I was told that it had been blessed, and that angels protect it.  "Cool story!" I thought, but I never really believed it.   Silly me. One beautiful Sunday afternoon, I drove to the park with my harp. I…
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Jealous Cat Tackles Wolf: A True Tale from My Writing Life

Ever see the door plaque, “My cat lets me live here”? I share my writing space with Krazy Kat. More accurately, my Tuxedo "mutt" deigns to let me meet my writing deadlines, while she listens to Mozart and dozes in the sunshine. Apparently…

Angels Helped Me Save a Child’s Life

How can we sense danger before it occurs?  How do we attract total strangers who appear, out of the blue, when we need help?  Mystics say we’re all connected.  Quantum physicists agree.  When I set out to develop my Intuition, I…

7 Steps for Harnessing the Law of Attraction

There's an old adage that applies to the Law of Attraction: "Creating a castle is as easy as creating a button." If you're serious about living the life of your dreams, you must clearly define your goals before you harness the Law of Attraction.…

Help! My Printer Has a Poltergeist!

I think my printer is haunted. Now I'll admit, I'm not exactly tech savvy.  I just pretend to be because I used to write about API's, DPI's, FPI's, and other mind-numbing acronyms ending in "PI" for a high tech company.  My client, who had…
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Haunted Pizza: Tales of Terror (Sort of) from my Favorite Restaurant

A couple of years ago, word got out among local writers that I "dig" paranormal stuff, like crystal balls, psychics, ghosts -- and especially -- magic.  That's when the editor of a small town newspaper gave me a call.  He told me I would be…