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Accurate Tarot Reading | Metro Austin, Texas

Psychic for Parties: Home & Company Events

Looking for Psychic readings? If you have a party in metro Austin, we can help! We offer accurate Tarot readings, and we keep them upbeat! We’ve entertained at home parties, birthdays, bachelorettes, Halloween, New Year’s, Project Graduation, weddings, corporate events, and more! Our motto is “Fun and good fortunes to uplift your spirit.” Let us help you celebrate! Contact us for a quote.

The Austin Party Psychic’s Philosophy on Tarot Card Readings

Ancient mystics used to believe that from this moment in Time, a minimum of 3 futures is possible!

This philosophy colors all of Adrienne’s Tarot Card readings. She does not believe in Fate or Destiny. Rather, she believes that every individual has the absolute power and ability to create his or her own outcomes by partnering with the Divine.

Adrienne is an Intuitive and Psychic Channel, who provides Tarot Card readings at parties. Her role is to help people understand where their path is leading them. If that path does not appear to be headed toward a desired outcome, then Adrienne guides individuals toward action steps that can help them create desired outcomes.

As a result, Adrienne’s readings are fun, upbeat, and inspirational. At parties, she provides readings for adults and emotionally mature teens, who are at least 16 years of age.

Planning a party or some other event? Contact us for a quote.