“Certain wounds heal in two-thirds their normal time when bombarded with sound waves.”

— Kathryn Player, author of The Sound of Healing

Music That Heals:

Simple Techniques that Anyone Can Do!

Private Training or Group Workshop

Music that heals is not a new concept — except maybe to Americans, who’ve been conditioned to believe that loud, clashing chords are “harmless entertainment.”

What if…

  • The sounds that blast through your earbuds are weakening your physical vitality?
  • The tunes that “pump you up” are compromising your immune system?
  • Anyone can be taught to use sound to combat migraines, arthritis, poor circulation — and other chronic conditions?

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“When Adrienne did the Harp healing on me, it was amazing! I’ve had several experiences in the metaphysical world with healing, but this one really changed me. I walked away, happy and content and found myself embracing life. Thank you, Adrienne for showing me this type of healing power.”

“Adrienne performed an Angel Harp healing on me. During my healing, I saw visions of Angels and felt tremendous vibrations of love afterward. I felt very balanced and connected. I would recommend Adrienne to anyone, wanting to bring the love of Angels into their lives.”

“I was having severe back pain, and Adrienne gave me a demonstration with her healing harp. After only five minutes, I felt a 50 percent improvement!”

“I figured the harp was a lark. So I told Adrienne to use her music to get rid of my hangover. When she started strumming and singing, the sounds totally transported me. I lost all track of time and place. A few minutes later, my girlfriend touched the top of my head and said, ‘Wow! Your head’s red hot!’ When I opened my eyes, my headache was totally gone.”

“I’m licensed as a rebirther, hypnotherapist, Avatar master, and Reiki master, to name a few.  But my Tibetan Reiki attunement (“vocal sound bath”) with Adrienne was, quite simply, the most powerful healing experience of my life.”

“The energy of Adrienne’s Harp is truly a spiritual experience, an angelic dance that opens the heart to all possibilities.”

Music That Heals:

Safer & Cheaper Than Pills!

Only in recent decades has technology advanced sufficiently for scientists to corroborate what our tribal ancestors accepted on faith:

Music can heal.

Modern Americans often leap to the wrong conclusion. If they want music that heals, they download free meditation music from YouTube.

These people haven’t grasped the concept of sound healing — which is another term for vibrational healing.

Any tune you download and/or stream through an electronic device will carry the electronic pollution of that device. Electronic pollution contributes to the static that undermines health.

So if you really want to:

    • Reduce your intake of pills…
    • Combat the root cause of your health problem…
    • Learn a simple technique that will always trigger a healing response in your body…

    Then I have great news for you! A superpower lives in your throat.

  • (BTW: you don’t have to “sing” or understand music to self-heal with your voice.)

  • Private Training:

    How Sound Can Manifest your Heart’s Desire

    If you want music that heals, your voice is your greatest, God-given tool. It can be trained to show you where imbalances hide inside your body.

    Even more miraculously, your voice can be trained to shift those imbalances — in a matter of minutes — without singing!

    But that’s not the only miraculous thing that your voice can do.

    Deliberate Creators, who work consciously with the Universal Law of Attraction, can speed up manifestation if they tap the power of their vocal chords.

    Such concepts are easy to teach — and even easier to practice. I can show you how to use your voice for personal healing in one 45-minute consultation.

    If we meet in person, I will treat you to a Sound Bath from my Angel Harp. I think you’ll find the experience especially invigorating. More to the point, the vibrations produced by my Angel Harp can help you clear any static that is blocking your desired outcomes.

    After a Harp Sound Bath, Kirlian Photography has proven — repeatedly — that the effects of this particular harp are not imagined. Each client’s aura begins to integrate.

    In other words, your vibration evolves, and your aura’s predominant color moves closer to White!

  • Group Sessions:

    The Music That Heals Workshop:

    Do you represent a group, that is seeking an experiential workshop? My presentation has gotten rave reviews at:

      • Company Retreats
      • Healthcare Staff Meetings
      • Senior Living Communities
      • Educational Institutions (Students & Teachers)
  • For groups that want the full Music That Heals workshop, I teach additional techniques that anyone can do for self-healing — even if those people are clueless about music or terrified to make squeaky sounds with their voices!

    The full workshop can be trimmed to 45 minutes (if you have time-constraints.)

    However, to maximize the “experiential” section of the workshop, I recommend that you allow 60 to 90 minutes for my presentation.

    That way, your group gets to experience a “sound bath,” and we can practice the self-healing techniques together.

Special Bonus for Live Groups:

Harp Music That Heals

People are blown away when I lay my “Angel Harp” against their chests — and start to strum.

Enthusiastically, they report that their back pain ceased; or their headache disappeared; or their minds were transported to some celestial realm, where angels embraced them with love.

Does every acoustic instrument have this power?

Unfortunately, no.

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My zither harp is made of redwood, with gold-colored strings and numerous sound ports. My clients describe a harp session as “a symphonic experience.”

For therapy purposes, the harp has been tuned to a special musical chord. This harp’s unique “sound bath” evokes feelings of peace and well-being. Its vibrations resonate deep within the body, relaxing stiff muscles, relieving stress, and dispelling headaches.

As evidenced by Kirlian Photography, the sounds made by this particular harp help to integrate the aura. In other words, this harp can actually raise your vibration!

  • If you would like Adrienne to deliver her Music that Heals workshop to your group — or if you would like to inquire about private training — please fill out the contact form below.


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When your Voice makes a sound, it reverberates around you, then ripples out into the world. It subtly alters the personal wavelengths of everyone in its path. Remember this, when you’re tempted to yell at a child or a pet.

— Adrienne, The Austin Party Psychic