About the Austin Party Psychic

She’s also an Energy Healer, a Motivational Speaker, and a Bestselling Author!

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About the Austin Party Psychic

“When Adrienne did the Harp healing on me, it was amazing! I’ve had several experiences in the metaphysical world with healing, but this one really changed me. I walked away, happy and content and found myself embracing life afterwards. Thank you, Adrienne for showing me this type of healing power.”

“At our (company) Christmas party, Adrienne predicted I’d be opening another (therapy) center. She couldn’t possibly have known. I didn’t tell anyone about my decision — not even my assistant!”

“Adrienne performed an Angel Harp healing on me. During my healing, I saw visions of Angels and felt tremendous vibrations of love afterward. I felt very balanced and connected. I would recommend Adrienne to anyone, wanting to bring the love of Angels into their lives.”

“We had such a wonderful time with Adrienne. We had a group of 10, and each of us received our own private (Tarot card) reading. Adrienne creates a very welcoming environment and does a great job explaining her process. Most of us had never had readings before and really enjoyed it!”

“Before I sat down with Adrienne, I was secretly planning to divorce my husband. But Adrienne’s ability to access Higher Wisdom showed me there was hope. I left her psychic reading resolved to find a way to make my marriage work.”

“I’m licensed as a rebirther, hypnotherapist, Avatar master, and Reiki master, to name a few.  But my Tibetan Reiki attunement with Adrienne was, quite simply, the most powerful healing experience of my life.”

“Adrienne did Tarot card readings at my daughter’s 16th birthday party. The girls said she was ‘spot on,’ (and) they really appreciated her insights.”

About the Austin Party Psychic's Angel Harp

Adrienne strums this zither harp against the chest or spine of a Reiki client. Her specially tuned “Angel Harp” evokes feelings of peace and well-being. The harp’s therapeutic vibrations resonate deep within the body, relaxing stiff muscles, relieving stress, and dispelling headaches. As evidenced by Kirlian Photography, the sound made by this particular harp clears the aura and raises the vibration.

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Adrienne serves as a professional Tarot Card reader, Psychic Channel, and “alternative healer.” Her clientele include major healthcare organizations and Fortune 500 companies. 

Spreading the Light

Adrienne possesses the psychic gifts of clairaudience (“clear hearing,”) and clairvoyance (“clear seeing.”) As a psychic intuitive, she is often asked to guide people by communicating with their spirit guides or guardian angels.

For 3 years, Adrienne was featured as a psychic practitioner at Nature’s Treasures, the hub of Austin’s metaphysical community.

On the national level, she worked for a psychic hotline, attracting private clientele from coast to coast. Even more people were able to learn about the Austin Party Psychic when she discussed metaphysics on radio, TV, and podcasts.

Helping People Improve their Health

Adrienne is trained as a master teacher of two energy-healing traditions: Usui Reiki and Tibetan Reiki (aka “Jinlap.”)

In addition, she is certified as a facilitator of Attitudinal Healing. This behavioral health program was developed by internationally-renowned psychiatrist, Gerald Jampolsky. He based his Attitudinal Healing program on the channeled text, A Course in Miracles.

Adrienne’s Best-Kept Secret

What most people don’t know about the Austin Party Psychic is that she is a classically trained soprano! Rather than sing to entertain, she sings to stimulate a healing response in her clients.

To provide proof of music’s transformational power to heal, she conducts short demonstrations with her “Angel Harp.” This instrument helps her clients enter a receptive state for various types of therapies.

When the State Comptroller heard about the Austin Party Psychic’s special harp, Adrienne was invited to deliver her Music and Healing workshop at Texas’s inaugural Idea Fair.

Working for the Higher Good

Over the years, Adrienne has contributed her many talents to the community:

  • She counseled troubled teens at The Austin Life Center for Attitudinal Healing
  • She was invited to play her “Angel Harp” at 3 hospices, and at the neuro ICUs of 2 medical centers.
  • She was a founding member of Austin’s Holistic Chamber of Commerce.
  • She served as a volunteer for numerous nonprofits, including organizations dedicated to cancer research and environmental conservation.
  • She taught continuing education programs at a local college.

Today, Adrienne remains active in higher education. She manages the Advisory Board of a Women in Leadership Program, offered by a top-ranking university.

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