About the Austin Party Psychic

She’s also a Master Teacher Healer, a National Speaker, and a Bestselling Author!

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More Testimonials

“Adrienne was fabulous.  She put everyone at ease.  In fact, she was the highlight of my party.  My friends are still talking about her readings.”

“At our (company) Christmas party, Adrienne predicted I’d be opening another (therapy) center.  She couldn’t possibly have known.  I didn’t tell anyone about my decision — not even my assistant!”

“Before I sat down with Adrienne, I was secretly planning to divorce my husband. But Adrienne’s ability to access Higher Wisdom showed me there was hope. I left her psychic reading resolved to find a way to make my marriage work.”

Adrienne has worked as a professional psychic channel and Tarot card reader since 1993 in the Austin area.  She has entertained at corporate parties, private parties, charity events, and private consultations. Traveling throughout Texas, she has delivered workshops on energy healing and healing with music at conferences, retirement facilities, hospices, and tradeshows.  

Adrienne possesses the psychic gifts of clairaudience (“clear hearing,”) clairvoyance (“clear seeing,”)  and empathy. As a psychic and intuitive, she is often asked to guide people by communicating with their spirit guides or guardian angels. She especially enjoys helping individuals during private consultations. She offers in-depth advice about love, business, partnerships, career, finance, health, family, pets, lost possessions — and whatever else might be on a client’s mind.

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for the psychic reading you gave me. I’ve been working with the book, Divine Guidance, and it was clear intuitively, and from what I’ve read, that your reading was of the highest order. Glad it gave you the shivers too!”

In addition to her role as Austin Party Psychic, Adrienne is a master healer/teacher of the Usui (Japanese) and Tibetan Reiki traditions.  She is further certified as a peer counselor of Attitudinal Healing.  A classical soprano, she incorporates these therapies with color and sound.  Adrienne applies her voice and therapy harps to help clients enter a receptive state for healing.

“I’m licensed as a rebirther,  hypnotherapist, Avatar master, and Reiki master, to name a few.  But my Tibetan Reiki attunement with Adrienne was, quite simply, the most powerful healing experience of my life.”

Currently, Adrienne is developing a course to teach people how to consciously access and interpret intuitive knowledge. Look for anecdotes of her “adventures” in developing her intuition in her upcoming book, Zounds! I’m Psychic.

Adrienne’s Memberships and Certifications include:

  • Certified Peer Counselor of Attitudinal Healing
  • Certified Master Teacher and Practitioner of Usui Reiki
  • Certified Master Teacher and Practitioner of Tibetan Reiki

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