Harp Song:

Well-Being Increased by Therapeutic Sound
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The power of sound has been known to mankind for centuries. The Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Tibetans, Eastern Indians, Native Americans, Mayans and Aztecs are just a few of the culture that traditionally use sound for healing.  At some point, all sacred mystery schools taught music as a creative and a healing force.

Because the Human body is a bio-electrical system, electromagnetic static becomes absorbed by your personal energy field, contributing to dis-ease.  Such static can be traced to interactions with people, appliances, computers, cell phones and TVs — to name a few.

My zither harp (pictured left) is an instrument made of redwood, with gold-colored strings and numerous sound ports, providing what many clients have described as “a symphonic experience.” The Tree of Life mandala is sacred to me, not only because of my love for nature, but because the symbol represents the interconnection of the cosmos (heaven) and earth.

Even if you are not conscious of vibration and the dynamics of energy, then you will be able to appreciate the subtle differences in your mental, emotional, and physical bodies while you are “surrounded” by the soothing tones of this harp.

For therapy purposes, the harp has been tuned to a special musical chord. I have found it especially effective in helping clients release pent up emotions or to achieve mental clarity. Deliberate Creators, who work consciously with the Universal Law of Attraction, will find a harp session especially invigorating as a way to “clear the path” toward their desired outcomes. 

During a session, I lay the harp against your body and allow the magnificent sounds of the instrument to vibrate into your torso, relaxing your muscles, clearing your mind, and cleansing your energy field. A client can sit in a chair or lie on a table for the treatment.

Through Kirilian photography (which takes photographs of an individual’s personal bio-magnetic field) the harp sessions are shown to have a powerful effect on an individual’s aura.  After 20 minutes of harping, an individual’s aura can begin to integrate.  In other words, the predominant color shifts to White.

In my healing practice, I can incorporate harp healing sessions with Tibetan Reiki.  A typical harp session lasts between 5 and 20 minutes long, depending on the sensitivity of the client and the goals that the client is trying to achieve. A full Tibetan Reiki session tends to last between 45 and 90 minutes.

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“Adrienne performed an Angel Harp healing on me. During my healing, I saw visions of Angels and felt tremendous vibrations of love afterward. I felt very balanced and connected. I would recommend Adrienne to anyone, wanting to bring the love of Angels into their lives.”

“When Adrienne did the Harp Song healing on me, it was amazing!  I’ve had several experiences in the metaphysical world with healing, but this one really changed me. I walked away, happy and content and found myself embracing life afterwards. I did not know how powerful this feeling could be until it happened to me. Thank you, Adrienne for showing me this type of healing power.”

Corporate events, parties, tarot readings, angel messages, spirit, fortune teller

“I was having severe back pain, and Adrienne gave me a demonstration with her healing harp.  After only five minutes, I felt a 50 percent improvement!”

“I figured the harp was a lark.  So I told Adrienne to use her music to get rid of my hangover. When she started strumming and singing, the sounds totally transported me. I lost all track of time and place.  A few minutes later, my girlfriend touched my head and said, ‘Wow! Your head’s red hot!’ When I opened my eyes, my pain was TOTALLY gone.”

“The energy of Adrienne’s Harp is truly a spiritual experience, an angelic dance that opens the heart to all possibilities.”