Triumph on Reality TV Reminds Us That NOTHING Is Impossible

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My life changed in profound ways when a Teacher said to me, “Your beliefs hold you back. You MUST understand that beliefs are nothing more than opinions — other people’s opinions — that you’ve adopted over the years. Since you have the power to choose your beliefs, why choose the ones that limit you? Nobody thinks in your mind except you.”

Every time I start blaming someone else for my failures, I’m reminded  how Thoughts create Reality.  In other words, if you focus on blame (excuses,) you fail. If you focus on the next best solution, you succeed. 

Quitters NEVER win. Earlier this week, that lesson was driven home by the French dancing duo, Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois. These Hip Hop performers compete under the stage name, Les Twins.

During a rehearsal for the reality TV show, World of Dance, Laurent injured his leg – badly. So badly, that he couldn’t walk. Until that moment, Les Twins were considered the most likely winners of the $1 million prize. I suspect every remaining act in the competition breathed a sigh of relief.

But Laurent and Larry Nicolas refused to give up. Even though Laurent had to be rolled onto stage in a WHEEL CHAIR, Les Twins danced in the Divisional Finals. From the first moment they appeared in the auditorium, they demonstrated a “take-no-prisoners” attitude.

Was keeping the Faith easy? Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, their Divisional competitors, Keone and Mari, danced first, earning the only perfect score in the entire 6-weeks of competition.

As the judging results flashed across the screen, the camera zoomed in on Laurent’s face. He looked stunned. Incredulous. Another nail had been driven into his Dancing Dream’s coffin.

Minutes later, Laurent had to gather his courage to dance. He was wheeled onto the stage by his brother. In that moment, Laurent locked stares with the judges and said, “No mercy.” 

Wow! How profound! Laurent didn’t take the stage with the attitude, “This whole routine is a joke. I’m crippled. I’m doomed to fail. I’ve ruined my life-long dancing dream, and my brother’s dream too.” 

Laurent took that stage to WIN. He sat in that chair for the entire, 90-second routine. (See the clip on You Tube.) Laurent and Larry Nicholas danced their hearts out. Not only did they win the Divisional title, they earned the highest score so far in the competition.Their performance was a reminder that anything – even a crippling injury – can be overcome.

So what success do YOU want to create in your life today?

Take a tip from Les Twins. Your thoughts create your reality. NOTHING can keep you from your goals — except what you believe.