Angels Protected My Harp from a Drunk and His Beer

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When I purchased my healing harp, I was told that it had been blessed, and that angels protect it.  “Cool story!” I thought, but I never really believed it.  

Silly me.

One beautiful Sunday afternoon, I drove to the park with my harp. I got a little nervous when I spied homeless people, gathered around the grill. I could smell hot dogs, beer, and marijuana. I was planning to pack up and drive home, but a gentle voice whispered in my ear, “You’re safe.”

I decided to trust that voice.

Sitting with my back against a tree, I settled my harp in my lap and began to play. After a few minutes, the homeless people shyly gathered around me, requesting their favorite songs. When I explained that ANYONE can play my harp and make beautiful music, they all wanted to try. They sat in a semi-circle around my tree and passed the harp around. Precious, absolutely precious, healings took place right before my eyes because these people were willing to approach the harp with childlike innocence.

Here’s where the angel comes in.

Eventually, the harp was returned to me. A man, who’d been sitting cross-legged beside me, decided to stand. It was a frantic moment. One second, he was standing, the next second, he was falling toward me with a sloshing beer can. Because he was drunk (or high,) his legs were tangled beneath him. He couldn’t catch his balance. I was about to be crushed — and so was my harp.

Suddenly — and quite literally from out of the blue — a filmy white (ethereal) hand reached down from the sky. It grabbed the back of this man’s belt and flipped him over my legs. His beer (which SHOULD have spilled all over my harp) went in the opposite direction, splashing some rocks.

I sat frozen, gaping in absolute shock.

I swear, I am NOT making this story up. There is NO WAY in our Physical Universe that a drunken man, with his legs and feet tangled beneath him, could have propelled himself over my legs in a perfect front flip.

Unless, of course, he had a little help from the Angel of the Harp.  🙂