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Finding Love in 5 Simple Steps: The Universal Law of Attraction

What's the secret to finding love? Consider the metaphysical perspective: The ever-present, wholly impartial, Universal Law of Attraction puts all of Creation at your command. You could call forth your Forever Love right now. In fact, your…
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Music Makes Miracles Happen for Head Injury

(Note from Adrienne: I’m writing this true story to inspire readers to believe that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Never, EVER let the naysayers derail you from your goal. You have more Power inside you than you can possibly…
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Angels Protected My Harp from a Careless Person and His Beer

When I purchased my healing harp, I was told that it had been blessed, and that angels protect it.  "Cool story!" I thought, but I never really believed it.   Silly me. One beautiful Sunday afternoon, I drove to the park with my harp. I…