Whispers of Autumn: Did You Hear the Trees Fall Asleep?

Yesterday, while taking a lunch break, Spirit whispered in my ear, “Go outside.”

Curious, I grabbed my lemonade and headed for the backyard. My porch is surrounded by trees — including mulberries, which I dearly love for their shade. So I stood in 98-degree shade, watching the squirrels romp and the leaves blow in the breeze. As far as I was concerned, Summer was in full swing in Texas.

Then the most fascinating thing happened. Quietly, without fanfare, the trees in my backyard fell asleep. I don’t know how else to explain it. One moment, they were radiating “full beam.” The next moment, they withdrew their energy. I literally felt them prepare for Autumn!

Hours later, I read something that confirmed my experience. According to one of my favorite nature writers, Ted Andrews, “The energy of the Autumn Equinox is felt weeks before the actual event… The energies of plants are drawn inward. Within us, energy is drawn inside to cleanse the heart” (which Ted describes as “the seat of much karma.”) [Excerpted from Nature Speak, pages 106-107.] 

I was awed to experience this intimate moment with my “leafy neighbors.” I asked the Nature Spirits what they wanted to communicate to Humans about this event. Here’s what they said:

“All movement in Nature is expansion of Life. What you perceive as ‘sleep’ or dormancy is merely another pattern of engagement with the Planet’s Consciousness. Trees live, breathe, and spawn in harmony with a master plan — much like Humans do. Only for trees, the sensations are calmer, more consistent, and less obtrusive than patterns that Human’s experience. We assure you, great vitality exists in the trees in Autumn, and even in the Winter after their leaves are shed and snow blankets their limbs. We thank you for your great love and respect for the living sentience that you call, ‘Trees.'”

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A mulberry tree in all its Autumn glory.

To all you folks who are reading this post in a building: Be sure to step outside today and enjoy the birth of Autumn! And while you’re at it, hug a tree! 🙂