Predicting the Future: How A Psychic Sees Your Path

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Many people believe in Fate.  As a professional psychic, I’m here to tell you, Fate is a lie.

My clients are immensely relieved when I assure them that the Future isn’t written in stone. In fact, at this exact moment in time, you have a MINIMUM of three Futures stretching before you.

To illustrate this idea, picture a spider web, with its myriad strands. Now picture that same web, intersecting predicting the future, divination, psychic awareness, future possibilities, psychic readings, tarot cardsthe “spider webs” that represent your Lover, your Children, your Business Clients, etc., and you will begin to glimpse the sheer magnitude of your possibilities.

Your future is best understood as a combination of MANY people’s Free Wills colliding with Time — plus a touch of Divine Intervention to make Life interesting.

People often ask how I can predict, BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, a single Future out of all these possibilities. The truth?  No psychic can make predictions beyond a shadow of a doubt. (And any reputable psychic will admit this!) For instance, if you freak out on your wedding day and decide to ditch Mr. Right at the altar, guess what? My prediction that you’ll marry your Lover is going to be wrong. 

However, I do have a fairly good track record when it comes to predictions – as many of my clients will attest. What will you choose tomorrow? I have no clue. But I can surmise, based on your energetic patterns, what you’re LIKELY to choose. 

Every psychic has her own methods of Divination. For me, the act of Divination is a sacred process (as the root word, “Divine,” implies.) When I am in “The Zone,” I am stretching my mind beyond the realms of waking consciousness. I use my body like a radio antenna to pick up vibrations that range from the Human subconscious, to the Universal Mind, and everything in between.

To be an effective psychic, one must learn how to tune into (and interpret) different levels of consciousness. For instance, I tap Nature Spirits (for clients who want to plan vacations for sunny weather,) Animal Mind (for clients who want to find lost pets,) and the Akashic Records (for clients who want to understand past lives or their Higher Purpose for being born into this life.)

Many psychics specialize in a particular area of Divination. I prefer to explore Self Determination – in other words, the will to create a better life. I’m not really interested in reading the mind of your new Lover, to find out why he has been ignoring your texts. Can I do this? Sure. But seriously, why lose sleep over some bonehead, who doesn’t treat you with the respect you deserve?

predicting the future, divination, psychic awareness, future possibilities, psychic readings, tarot cardsIf you can accept that your future is unlimited, then you can understand why pinning all your hopes and dreams on one Jerk-of-a-Lover is a colossal waste of your time and potential.

When you allow for new possibilities, you allow miracles to occur. Your future is unlimited because you have the power and freedom to make a new choice. The problem is, most people are afraid to make a choice — or rather, to try someone (or something) new.

If you could see your Spirit Light the way I see yours, you would know that you are Brilliant, Beautiful, and Wise. You are fundamentally capable of having everything you desire — as long as you understand that your best outcomes occur when you intend the Highest Good for everyone concerned.

To help you enhance your life is my purpose. I want to help you grow your confidence to choose the best path. I want to guide you toward your happiness. As a psychic adviser, I have the ability to rise above what seems to be “imminent,” to look at ALL your possibilities, and then point you toward the brightest course of action. This approach to Divination makes me rare among psychics. I don’t just “tell” you your Future; I help you create it.

Ultimately, your Path must be determined by you, in collaboration with the God Source. When in doubt, listen to your Inner Wisdom. I always encourage my clients to reject any advice (including my own) that doesn’t “ring true.” Beware those advisers who position themselves as the ultimate authority on YOUR future!

May you always walk with those who see your Light, know your Light, and rejoice in the Light that you are.


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