The Sandwich Angel: A Reminder that We’re Always Protected

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I used to think that angels could only offer help if I asked for it. 

That’s why I was blown away when an impromptu lunch developed into a Divine Wake Up Call, reminding me that even “ordinary” moments can be orchestrated by angels.

Last Sunday, I was running out the door — late, as usual. I was scheduled for an eight-hour day of psychic readings at the local rock shop.  As I stepped onto my porch, a voice whispered in my head, “Lunch.” 

I knew what the voice was implying:  to work for eight hours on an empty stomach is not a good idea. Usually, I pack my lunch. This time, my phone distracted me. In fact, I forgot all about eating until 4 hours later, when my stomach started growling.

At this point, I’d already introduced myself to the other psychic on duty. (We’ll call her Jenny.)  Jenny and I had never met before.  We’d never corresponded or spoken by phone.

As Jenny started unwrapping her own lunch, she mentioned that she’d stopped at a local sub shop to purchase a tuna sandwich. I laughed at the coincidence: that particular sandwich shop is my favorite, and I’d been craving tuna for days.

That’s when Jenny freaked out.

“You’re not going to believe this,” she said, staring into her brown paper bag.  “The sub shop made a mistake.  Someone packed two tuna sandwiches for me — even though I only ordered one.”  (Imagine the theme song from Twilight Zone playing here.) “There’s no way I can eat two sandwiches,” Jenny insisted. “Here. Take one. No, no. You don’t have to pay me. Obviously, this tuna sandwich was MEANT for you.”

At that point, I was freaking out!  Even as a psychic, I’m rarely gifted with such OBVIOUS evidence of a Higher Power, interceding in my life. That sandwich was the exact meal I would have ordered, if I’d interrupted my readings long enough to drive to my favorite sub shop!

Yes, my friends, the angels are on duty all day, every day, looking out for each of us. 

What small miracles have shown up in your life today, courtesy of the angels? An unexpected hug from a child? The random kindness of a stranger? A rainbow in your coffee cup? 

Keep looking for the miraculous in every day life, because when you expect miracles, they will occur.