Sales Success: How the Law of Attraction Doubled My Closing Ratio

If you’re determined to become the Deliberate Creator of your life, this post will inspire your practice with the Universal Law of Attraction (LOA.) If you’ve never heard of LOA, then read on to learn how to create miracles.

I’ve worked in a sales call center for the same company for four summers. Last summer was my worst selling season ever with a 15 percent closing ratio (which got me laid off early.) The Sales VP refused to re-hire me for the Fall Selling Season. According to my boss (whom I’ll call Betsy,) only the best, the brightest, the MOST SUCCESSFUL Summer sales reps get a shot at the Fall Season.

In fact, Betsy added, “The Sales VP doesn’t think you have the skills.”

Well! Nothing like a kick in the pants to get the adrenaline flowing, right?

Universal Law of AttractionSo this year, I reported for the Summer Season with a new attitude. I wasn’t going to let the executive team tell ME how talented I was, or what I could accomplish in that Call Center! I spent every moment between calls, diligently applying LOA.

The result?

  • My average selling ratio soared to 34 percent per week (which was 8 percentage points above the company’s national average.)
  • Some weeks, my closing ratio hit 51 percent.
  • For most of the Summer, I ranked #2 across the country. (Note: The company hired 1,000 sales reps this year.)

Elated by my Summer success, I petitioned the Sales VP for a shot at the Fall Selling Season. She wasn’t enthusiastic. (Mind-boggling, right?)

In fact, Betsy tried to talk me out of my petition! She reminded me, “Three years ago, you failed to meet company expectations during the Fall Season. Why do you think you’ll do better this year?”

Ironically, the same sales executives who “live by the numbers” couldn’t believe my Summer success. They figured my performance was a fluke and there was no way I could repeat it. LOL!

Okay, let’s be honest, folks. I couldn’t confess to Betsy why my Fall performance was so dismal three years ago. But I can tell you:

The reason my sales numbers tanked was because I DIDN’T CARE if I impressed the Sales VP. My position was a part-time seasonal job; I was going to get laid off in 2 months no matter how well I performed; and frankly, I was devoting every waking moment to finding a better, long-term opportunity.

My “I-don’t-give-a-crap” attitude cost me a lot of income, the respect of the executive team, and an Autumn job. Nevertheless, I managed to convince Betsy to take a chance on me this year. 

The result?

This Fall, I consistently ranked among the top 3 sales reps. My successes kept me working 10 weeks longer than last year. When I got laid off this week from my seasonal position, it was because the phones had stopped ringing, NOT because I “couldn’t sell,” as the Sales VP had feared.

Here’s what my boss said during our good-bye chat:

“There are only 5 seasonal sales reps left in this company. You are an incredible success story! Never, in my 13 years as a sales supervisor, have I seen another rep improve their numbers the way you did. All season long, we’ve been telling other reps your story to inspire them. The Sales VP wants to know how you did it! Please tell us your secret.”

I told Betsy I didn’t have a secret. I was merely applying the principles of the Universal Law of Attraction.

So I challenge YOU, my friends. What success do you want to create?  Better health? Better income? More love in your relationships?

The Universal Law of Attraction is available to all people, at all times, no matter WHAT beliefs were ingrained in you as a child. The moment you fully accept that YOUR ATTITUDE and YOUR ENERGY are creating the unwelcome experiences in your life, you can turn your life around — through diligent practice with the Universal Law of Attraction.

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