Inspirational Stories of Faith and Healing

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Life happens. And when it seems out of control, I turn to inspirational, real stories to remind me that yes, even the greatest obstacle can be overcome.

Recently, I started a new business. My business mentor is one of the most humble, kind-hearted, and inspiring men I’ve ever known. His example has made a profound difference in my life. Day or night, he never turns down a request for help from more than 50 newbie associates, like me. Over the last 30 years, my mentor (who is a millionaire many times over) has helped hundreds of people earn an income that we only dreamed of.

Nevertheless, my mentor’s life hasn’t been all sunshine and roses.

Several years ago, while vacationing in Australia, my mentor contracted an illness. Because he wasn’t able to see a doctor for two days (thanks to the socialistic medical system Down Under,) the illness settled in his heart. Aussie and American doctors told my mentor that he had lost 80% of his heart function and his heart was unlikely to improve.

But my mentor is a man with a strong will, and an even stronger faith. Determined to heal himself, he found a way. Now his heart functions at 42% – an accomplishment which his doctors consider a miracle.

I’ve attracted another inspiring man into my business life.  Three years ago, he was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors told my business associate to put his affairs in order.  But my associate refused to listen to the medical “naysayers” when they predicted he only had 6 months to live.  A deeply spiritual man, my associate rallied his family and friends and asked them to include him in their daily prayers. 

Today, the doctors can find NO TRACE OF CANCER in my associate’s body.

psychic, psychic reading, tarot, fortune teller, angel messages, angels, faith, inspiration, positive thinking, universal law of attraction, law of attractionMy business mentor’s wife also has a profound story to tell. A deeply spiritual woman, she used to volunteer as a missionary in Africa. After her return to the United States, she was approached by friends, who asked if she would open her beautiful home to host a wedding.  Delighted by the request, she agreed.  On the morning of the ceremony, the hostess was hanging paper lanterns over an outdoor altar when she fell off a ladder. She broke her back in three places. Naturally, the doctors told her she would never walk again. 

But what do doctors know?

This deeply-spiritual woman fought hard to recover the function of her legs. Today, with steel in her spine, she walks with perfect grace and ease. In fact, she hikes, bikes and CLIMBS MOUNTAINS. Three years ago, no doctor would EVER have predicted that she would rappel off a cliff!

The moral of this story?

Each and every one of these people is ORDINARY – except for the strength of their faith. The average American has grown cynical. He ignores the subtle energies that connect him to the Divine Creator. Our society has become conditioned to reach for a pill – or consider technology the only other credible answer for healing.

My friend, don’t let ANYONE infect your mind with doubt. NEVER let a naysayer impose his limited belief system upon YOUR unlimited power to create the life of your dreams!

In faith, all things are possible. Make today a great day