Tested by the Universe? Choose Your Emotions Wisely!

Someone much wiser than I once said, “The Universe doesn’t always give you what you want; but it will provide what you need.” I was reminded of this axiom last week, when I was blindsided by an employer, who informed me (as I walked in…
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Inspirational Stories of Faith and Healing

Life happens. And when it seems out of control, I turn to inspirational, real stories to remind me that yes, even the greatest obstacle can be overcome. Recently, I started a new business. My business mentor is one of the most humble, kind-hearted,…
Universal Law of Attraction, the Secret

Romance & Dating: Find a Love for All Time

The entire Universe is at your command, ready to gift you with your Heart’s Desire:  True Love. A Life Mate. The companion who will share your hopes and dreams! In this world, opportunities abound! You could call forth your Lover RIGHT NOW,…

Sales Success: How the Law of Attraction Doubled My Closing Ratio

If you're determined to become the Deliberate Creator of your life, this post will inspire your practice with the Universal Law of Attraction (LOA.) If you've never heard of LOA, then read on to learn how to create miracles. I've worked in…