Tibetan Reiki Testimonials

Endorsements for Tibetan Reiki Treatments and Classes 

The three Tibetan Reiki classes were an incredible experience – like coming home. I felt the Reiki attunements through Adrienne like I have never felt them before. One of the things I enjoyed most about the class was the gift of Adrienne’s singing voice.  During the attunements, she sounded like a heavenly choir.” – DH, Office Manager, Round Rock

The Tibetan Reiki attunements were very powerful for me.  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.  This class was such a beautiful experience, and I’m glad I got to share it with a beautiful healer like you. – BW, Landscaper, Dripping Springs 

The removal of the energy blockage in my spine during the Tibetan Reiki II class, and the subsequent increased energy flow (through my body), has been an important healing for me.  Thank you for a wonderfully transforming course!  You are empowering us to walk a deeply spiritual path.” –RC, Software Engineer, Round Rock

I’m licensed as a rebirther,  hypnotherapist, Avatar master, and Reiki master, to name a few.  But my Tibetan Reiki attunement with Adrienne was, quite simply, the most powerful healing experience of my life.  –Lynn Jenkins, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Lakeway

Adrienne’s (healing) hands are amazing.  I’d been suffering from chronic fatigue, and until she gave me a Reiki treatment, I could barely leave the house. Two days later, I visited my doctor. `You look great,’ he said.  `What have you been doing?’ –WB, Counselor, Austin

I was having severe back pain, and Adrienne gave me a demonstration with her healing harp.  After only five minutes, I felt a 50 percent improvement! – BD, Computer Technician, Dallas

I’ve been going regularly to Light Touch healing sessions at my church, but I have never met anyone who can channel the amount of energy that Adrienne can.  You can `feel’  her presence when she walks into the room.  She helped me get over a painful divorce, and she helped me overcome flu-like symptoms so I wouldn’t be sick when I married my soulmate.  I asked her to sing at my wedding.  – JC, Data Specialist, Austin