Gift Certificates for Tarot Readings, Reiki & Harp Sessions

From the Austin Party Psychic 

Tarot Readings, Reiki treatments, and Sound Therapy make unique, personalized gifts.
The Austin Party Psychic offers gift certificates for discounts on:

  • Private Tarot Card Readings (30 or 60 minutes in person, or via email, phone or Skype)
  • Private Reiki treatments (60 minutes in your loved one’s home).
  • Private Tibetan Reiki Instruction, Level I Certification (Prerequisite: You must be a Usui Reiki practitioner of Level II or higher.)
  • Sound therapy with the Angel Harp (Learn more about the Harp)

Personalized gift certificates for Tarot Readings, Reiki treatments, and Harp sessions start at $10.00. The Austin Party Psychic can create them in any denomination (USD) that you choose.

“Before I sat down with Adrienne, I was secretly planning to divorce my husband. But Adrienne’s ability to access Higher Wisdom showed me there was hope.  I left her psychic reading feeling inspired and resolved to find a way to make my marriage work.”

Holiday Special:

To receive a 20% discount on your personalized gift certificates for Tarot Readings, Reiki treatments, or Harp sessions from the Austin Party Psychic, purchase two or more, totaling at least $100, by December 15.  

“Adrienne’s (healing) hands are amazing.  I’d been suffering from chronic fatigue, and until she gave me a Reiki treatment, I could barely leave the house. Two days later, I visited my doctor. `You look great,’ he said. `What have you been doing?”