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Psychic Phone Consultations: Channeling & Tarot


“Before I sat down with Adrienne, I was secretly planning to divorce my husband. But Adrienne’s ability to access Higher Wisdom showed me there was hope. I left her psychic reading resolved to find a way to make my marriage work.”

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for the psychic reading you gave me.  I’ve been working with the book, Divine Guidance, and it was clear intuitively, and from what I’ve read, that your reading was of the highest order. Glad it gave you the shivers too!”

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Looking for answers fast?  Schedule an appointment for a phone reading.

Session Length:

All phone sessions are conducted in English.  

Sessions are conducted in 15 minute increments (15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.) All payments must be made in advance via credit card or PayPal.  

Appointment Types:

For a “regular” reading, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required to schedule an appointment.

Emergency same-day appointments may be available, if Adrienne’s schedule permits.  An additional 25% is charged for “emergency phone sessions.”  

Couples readings are not available during phone sessions.

How to Prepare for Your Session:

Be sure you are in a quiet, peaceful place where you will not be disturbed for the duration of your session. Remove yourself from potential distractions, including television, computer, alternate phones, and eavesdroppers. This session is dedicated to nurturing and helping you. You’ll want to feel free to speak your heart and ask questions.  For those reasons, you should not have another person in the room or on your phone, listening to the conversation. 

Come to your phone session calm, centered, and prepared to receive answers from Spirit. Be sure to have a question ready.  Additional questions may arise during the course of the Reading; that is perfectly natural.  You will be able to ask them if time allows. Therefore, it is important to prioritize your questions, starting with the one that is most important to you. 

How a Phone Session Works:

Adrienne will call you 5 minutes before your session begins. You will have those 5 minutes to chat with Adrienne and explain what you are seeking from your Master Guides and Spirit Teachers. Then Adrienne will begin to channel messages related to your priority question and other questions, as time allows.

Recording Your Session:

You are welcome to record the session and/or take notes; in fact, it is encouraged. Adrienne will be in a semi-trance state. She is unlikely to remember the messages that she channels for you.


All questions are treated with the utmost confidentiality.  Adrienne considers this channeled process sacred and delivers all answers in a reverent manner. She asks that you approach the session with the same level of respect by asking questions that have real spiritual meaning or deep emotional impact for you.  


  • On weekdays:  Check for availability in Central Standard Time.
  • On weekends: Check for availability in Central Standard Time.  
  • Holidays:  Check for availability in Central Standard Time.

How to Set Your Appointment:

Email Adrienne in advance with the following information:

  • Preferred Day and 2 alternates
  • Preferred Time and 2 alternates
  • Desired Session Length
  • Your Phone Number (the number where you wish to be contacted for the reading.)

Adrienne will respond to your email by sending you:

  • A confirmed appointment time
  • A PayPal invoice with the estimated cost of your reading.  Payment must be made 24 hours in advance to secure your appointment time.

Note:  If you choose to extend your session while you’re on the phone, you will need a credit card to complete the transaction.

Paying for Your Phone Session

Sessions are payable via a PayPal invoice or a Credit Card 24 hours in advance.

Phone Readings are $2.50 per minute

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