Romance & Dating: Find a Love for All Time

Universal Law of Attraction, the Secret

The entire Universe is at your command, ready to gift you with your Heart’s Desire:  True Love. A Life Mate. The companion who will share your hopes and dreams!

In this world, opportunities abound! You could call forth your Lover RIGHT NOW, and s/he could arrive within days!

Stop reading. Tune into your body. When you imagined your Life Mate showing up TOMORROW, what happened? Did your throat tighten?  Did your stomach knot?  Did your muscles tense?

This exercise was meant to show you WHY your life mate isn’t standing beside you yet.  Again and again, you’ve been crying out to the Universe, “Where is my Lover?  Why am I still alone?” 

Your body knows.  Your amazing, magnificent, INNOCENT body would never lie to you. If you were wholly and completely ready to receive your Lover, this person would be in your life right now. End of Discussion. 

But the truth is, you’ve been resisting attraction. Don’t blame your body. Your mind has been shielding you from the truth.  Your body is honest. It showed you precisely how (and where) you ward off Love. 

For 25 years, I’ve been a professional psychic. The #1 question I’m asked is, “Tell me about my love life. Am I going to find my Soul Mate? Will I ever get married (again)?”

Can you feel the yearning in those words? Can you feel the hope, vying with the distrust? Can you sense that dear and precious Soul’s pain?

The Universal Law of Attraction (LOA) states that we will attract the exact energies we send into the Universe — without exception. So consider this:  when you ask the Universe to send you Love, how much hurt, anger, grief, and fear are muddying up your request?

Your mind says you want Love. Your emotions (which are icky and scary and stuffed deep inside your body so you never have to feel them) tell the Universe a different story. Your emotions are screaming, “I’m hurt! Don’t send me anymore pain! GO AWAY!”

So the Universe, which is entirely neutral in this situation, complies by stalling. Any dating partner who does run the gauntlet, valiantly beating a way past your energetic fortress of solitude, is unlikely to be your Romantic ideal. This person is aloof and withdrawn. Childlike and needy. Bitter and angry. (Yes, Dear One. This person’s vibration is matching your hidden pain.)

The Universal Law of Attraction will never fail you. NEVER. If you want to attract A Love for All Time, then you must be Loving. Fill your mind with kindness and your body with caring. Be gentle with every plant, animal, and insect on your path. Show kindness to strangers. Offer understanding to your family and friends. Delight in life. Thrill to new adventure. Radiate compassion and forgive! 

If you do these things, Love will find you. 

I promise, Love WANTS to find you.