Power of Intention: How We Reduced Crime, Healed Cancer

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I often write about the power of personal intention. Today I’d like to inspire you with holiday stories about group Intention – when it is applied for the Higher Good.

I belong to a spiritual organization that shares my belief – in fact, it PROVES my belief – that Humans, who consciously and deliberately focus their minds on the same positive outcome, can create miracles. This organization has engaged in many, many successful experiments over the years. Today, I’ll share a few that are especially uplifting.

Reiki, Masterminding, Power of Intention, Austin Party Psychic, Blue Santa, Austin Police DepartmentDone with Dialysis — A gentleman’s granddaughter needed a kidney transplant; however, no blood relatives were a successful match. For three years, the child struggled on dialysis, until the family’s resources were exhausted. In desperation, the gentleman came to our church, asking for help.

Through a process called, Masterminding, four church members volunteered to meet weekly, focusing all their good will and prayers on helping the granddaughter survive her ninth birthday. Within three weeks, the grandfather reported that his family had identified a successful donor. The child is now happy and healthy, with plans to graduate from high school in 2018.

Reiki, Masterminding, Power of Intention, Austin Party Psychic, Blue Santa, Austin Police DepartmentPeace in the Neighborhood –This same church is located in a rough neighborhood and experienced repeated acts of vandalism. Again, through the process of Masterminding, the Executive Board, the ministers, and a group of 20 volunteers, gathered each week to solve the problem. Their intention was to reduce crime in the neighborhood simply through focused prayer (Masterminding.) The outcome? Not only was the church never vandalized again, but police reported that theft in that area dropped by 12 percent during the holidays.

Reiki, Masterminding, Power of Intention, Austin Party Psychic, Blue Santa, Austin Police Department, Western Medicine, Oncology, Cancer, Ovarian cancer, pills, prescriptions, chemo therapyTriumph over Western Medicine — One Wednesday night, a 22-year-old woman with ovarian cancer reported to our healing circle for a Reiki treatment. She told us that her cancer was operable (although doctors offered no hope for future children.) The young woman was scheduled for surgery the day after Thanksgiving, and she was terrified by the prospect. She longed for children. She asked us to help her make peace with her decision to have surgery.

The six members of my healing circle were Master Level Reiki practitioners. We performed Reiki on this young woman for approximately 90 minutes. When the Reiki treatment was over, I couldn’t help but remark that she looked radiant; that her eyes were filled with light. She admitted that something “felt very different,” but she couldn’t identify what.

The following Friday, when she reported for surgery, her doctor couldn’t find a trace of cancer in her body. Three months later, she and her husband received news that they had conceived their first child.

The above stories are all true! The Power of Intention is very real. A group of like-minded people can magnify that power exponentially through processes, such as Prayer and Masterminding. That’s why history is rife with marvels like Woodstock, and horrors like the Salem Witch Trials. The moral of this story? Choose carefully when you join a group for fun or profit!

One last holiday story. I love this one:

Reiki, Mastering, Austin Party PsychicEvery holiday season, my church makes a special teddy bear donation to the Austin Police Department’s Blue Santa Project. The police are still trying to figure out why our plush bears are so popular with kids, especially in this age of X-Boxes and toy robots.

Here’s our secret:

Four weeks before the donation date, all the bears are brought to the sanctuary and lined up on pews. Each congregant chooses a bear and sits with it throughout the Sunday Service, hugging and blessing the toy and focusing prayers of love on it.  At the end of the service, the teddy bears are left in the pews. Sunday after Sunday, this process is repeated, until finally, around Dec. 21, the toys are delivered to the police.

During one such delivery, I had the privilege of speaking with a police officer, who was a perennial recipient of our bears. He confided the most heart-warming observation:

“I take your (church’s) bears on calls when I expect to meet a hurt or frightened child. The way those kids respond to your bears is the strangest thing. I’ll give them a choice of two or three different toys, including a teddy bear that looks identical to the bear donated by your church.  But the kids never want those other toys.  They only want the bears from your church!”

Apparently, those children can feel the love in our bears.

(Interested in joining a Masterminding group or taking classes to become a Reiki practitioner? Contact Adrienne through her website at RadiantGratitude.com)