Testimonials & Endorsements:

I’m licensed as a rebirther,  hypnotherapist, Avatar master, and Reiki master, to name a few.  But my Tibetan Reiki attunement with Adrienne was, quite simply, the most powerful healing experience of my life.

– LJ, Clinical Psychologist, Lakeway

I’ve always been disappointed by psychics, because none of them ever seem to read me.  They get information on my husband or children. Adrienne was the first reader who really saw into my soul and helped me get the answers to my questions.

– SP, Sales Clerk, Austin

Adrienne’s (healing) hands are amazing.  I’d been suffering from chronic fatigue, and until she gave me a Reiki treatment, I could barely leave the house. Two days later, I visited my doctor. `You look great,’ he said.  `What have you been doing?’

– WB, Counselor, Austin

Before I sat down with Adrienne, I was secretly planning to divorce my husband.  But Adrienne’s ability to access Higher Wisdom showed me there was hope.  I left her psychic reading feeling inspired and resolved to find a way to make my marriage work.

– JW, School Teacher

I’ve been going regularly to Light Touch healing sessions at my church, but I have never met anyone who can channel the amount of energy that Adrienne can.  You can`feel’  her presence when she walks into the room. Adrienne’s intuitive guidance helped me get over a painful divorce, and her healing treatments helped me overcome flu-like symptoms so I wouldn’t be sick when I married my soulmate.  I asked her to sing at my wedding.

– JC, Retired Navy, Austin

Thank you, thank you, for playing your healing harp for me while I was in a coma in the hospital.  I could hear your voice, singing my name and calling me back.  You saved my life.

– MS, Taxi Cab Driver, Austin

I just wanted to write and say thank you for the psychic reading you gave me at the book store. I only wish I’d had a tape recorder. I’ve been working with the book, Divine Guidance, and it was clear intuitively, and from what I’ve read, that your reading was of the highest order. Glad it gave you the shivers too!

– JW, Writer, San Marcos

The Tibetan Reiki attunements were very powerful for me.  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.  This class was such a beautiful experience, and I’m glad I got to share it with a beautiful healer like you.

– BW, Landscaper, Dripping Springs

Adrienne’s Healing with Music presentation was the best inservice we’ve had so far! 

– Home Health Aide, Hospice Austin

The three Tibetan Reiki classes were an incredible experience – like coming home.  I felt the Reiki attunements through Adrienne like I have never felt Reiki energy before.  One of the things I enjoyed most about the class was the gift of Adrienne’s singing voice.  During the attunements, she sounded like a heavenly choir.

– DH, Office Manager, Round Rock

I was having severe back pain, and Adrienne gave me a demonstration with her healing harp.  After only five minutes, I felt a 50 percent improvement!

– BD, Computer Technician, Dallas

Anyone who doesn’t hear angels when Adrienne sings isn’t listening with their heart.

– DS, Reiki Master and Lightworker

When Adrienne did the Harp Song healing on me, it was amazing!  I’ve had several experiences in the metaphysical world with healing, but this one really changed me. I walked away, happy and content and found myself embracing life afterwards. I did not know how powerful this feeling could be until it happen to me. Thank you, Adrienne for showing me this type of healing power.  

– Rev. Ricardo Gonzales, B. Msc., Austin

Adrienne did tarot card reading at my daughters’ 16th birthday party.  The girls said she was “spot on” and enjoyed learning about themselves.  They really appreciated Adrienne’s insights.

– Robin Krumme, Austin

Adrienne’s harp healings seem to be having a nice effect on the higher mental plane for (my client), helping the communication between her mind and the Divine Realm to open up.  It also feels like (the harp) is harmonizing her heart in a way that nothing else has before, creating a strong connection to the angelic realm.

– Nancy Crossthwaite, RMT

Adrienne performed an Angel Harp healing on me. During my healing, I saw visions of Angels and felt tremendous vibrations of love afterward. I felt very balanced and connected. I would recommend Adrienne to anyone wanting to bring the love of Angels into their life.

– BP, Cosmetologist, Austin

The energy of Adrienne’s Harp is truly a spiritual experience, an angelic dance that opens the heart to all possibilities.

– Kathy Meissner, Reiki Master