On Thanksgiving, we make time to appreciate all the good things in our lives — a beautiful sentiment.  And yet, if we practiced Gratitude ALL YEAR ROUND, we would be living extraordinary lives, according to scientific research.

Few people realize just how POWERFUL the energy behind Gratitude is. Or how the act of consciously and deliberately choosing Gratitude can change their lives.

Gregg Braden, Mind of GodI’m not talking about the knee-jerk reaction that you’ve been conditioned to provide when someone performs a Random Act of Kindness (like opening the door while you’re juggling groceries.) Nor am I referring to speaking words you really don’t feel in an effort to be “nice” to Aunt Bertha, who gifted you with a birthday present that you despise.

I’m talking about quantum physics. DNA research.  The Universal Energy that some cutting-edge scientists have dubbed, “The Mind of God.”

A few years ago, I attended a lecture by best-selling author and international speaker, Greg Braden who was touring with his book, The God Code. Greg’s background includes aerospace engineering, computer design and technical operations.  At one point, he worked for NASA. 

Greg is a leading authority on proving that certain elements of so-called “mysticism” are founded in scientific fact.

During Greg’s lecture, he describing how the scientific community has proven that there is an all-inclusive, all-penetrating energy in the universe. This energy links every single Human, plant, animal, planet, star, etc.  Scientists have dubbed this energy, “The Mind of God.”

The Mind of God, which is everywhere, impacts everything it touches.  That means you and me. More mind-boggling still, Human emotions have a measurable impact on The Mind of God.  Greg described an experiment in which Human test subjects were exposed to various stimuli designed to elicit rage, lust, love, gratitude, happiness, and a number of other feelings.

Guess which emotion had the GREATEST impact on The Mind of God?

Nope, it wasn’t anger.

It wasn’t even love.

The Human emotion that has the GREATEST impact on The Mind of God is Gratitude.

In an interview posted on the Alaska Wellness website, Greg is quoted as saying:

“In the early 1990s, quantum physicists began to confirm that we are permeated by a field of energy that is everywhere, a part of all that we see, even in-between the places where we think there is nothing. The second characteristic is that it appears to have been here always, from the time the scientists call the Big Bang. Thirdly, and this is where it gets very interesting, this field of energy appears to have intelligence. It is an intelligent field of energy that links all of creation, including all people of this world. And it is a field of energy that responds to coherent human emotions – not scattered, random emotions, but coherent, heart-based human emotions.

“What the studies show is that when a relatively few number of people find a way to express feeling in a coherently, heart-based way – not a thought, not an angry protest, but a consciousness expressed through their heart center – this field of energy responds. It is through our hearts that we speak the nonverbal language that connects us to this field. And a relatively few number of people may evoke a consciousness that is mirrored in the world around them through this field of energy.”  (Source:  Living in the Mind of God: An Interview with Greg Braden)

So my friends, make a pledge to yourself, to your family, and to the world:  consciously and deliberately practice Gratitude.

Not just THOUGHTS of gratitude, mind you.

But real, heart-based feelings of appreciation.

If you choose to practice Gratitude today, and every day, you will change your life.

More importantly, you’ll contribute to making this world a better place for yourself and your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving! I appreciate each and every one of you!